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Unleash Your Potential at Untitled Fitness Lab: Go For Gold (or Platinum)!
Here In Grand Prairie


Ready to transform your fitness journey?


Look no further than Untitled Fitness Lab! We're not your average gym - we offer a supportive and energizing environment to reach your health and fitness goals, surrounded by like-minded individuals and expert guidance.



Why Choose Untitled Fitness Lab?

  • Expert Coaching, Every Class: Every single class is led by a certified personal trainer or group exercise instructor, ensuring you receive top-notch instruction and motivation.

  • Designed for All Levels: Our classes are welcoming to beginners, with modifications available. However, our small group setting also pushes you to achieve your personal best.

  • Supportive Community: You'll be surrounded by positive and encouraging peers and coaches who are invested in your success.

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Now's the Time to Shine: Unveiling Our Gold & Platinum Memberships

We offer a variety of memberships to fit your needs, but for those who are serious about results, our Gold and Platinum memberships are the perfect fit:

  • Strength Focus: Get 12 or 16 Strength/Strength Camp Classes per month - these are the classes designed to sculpt your physique and challenge you to new limits.

  • Unlimited Group Fun: On top of your Strength classes, enjoy unlimited access to our diverse group exercise schedule, featuring fun and effective classes like Lazy 2 Lit, Xtreme Hip Hop Step, Vibe & Flow Yoga, and Step It Out. It's the perfect way to mix up your workouts and stay engaged.

  • Full Gym Access: Train anytime during business hours with full access to our state-of-the-art equipment.


General vs. Taking Charge with Gold & Platinum:

This table shows the clear advantage of the Gold and Platinum memberships:

** 1. Lazy 2 Lit 2. Xtreme Hip Hop Step 3. Vibe & Flow Yoga 4. Step It Out

Don't settle for limited options - Go for Gold or Platinum and unlock your full potential!

P.S. Still unsure? Check out our INSTAGRAM to see our incredible community in action and what they're achieving at Untitled Fitness Lab. We can't wait to welcome you to the family.

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