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Lydia Turner

Tracey Ford aka Laweziana is a Retired Army SGT that was injured in Iraq in 2004 from there her Life changed forever. Early on in her life she knew dancing was her favorite hobby and everywhere she went people would ask her to dance. She never stopped. Always wanting to take care of people and make them smile or make them Happy she most definitely decided Music & Dance was the medicine to anyone sick or feeling unhappy.

In 2001 Tracey transferred to Grantham University and then decided to take the ASVAB to join the Army. From there Her Life was never the same. After being deployed to Iraq, her convoy was hit, and it caused Her to dismount her vehicle jumping from a burning vehicle with shrapnel that later permanently disabled her for life. Through all of the surgeries, she gained over 70lbs, they said she would not run, certainly not urinate without a bag, or even be normal again. This was not an option for her. So, Tracey found that fitness, dancing and music has been her best medicine all her Life and she would get back fit no matter what. After she was medevac’d it was later determined she would be honorable medically retired. They tried several medications to give her for PTSD and for her medical diagnosis, however, Tracey stayed sick, but once she started slowing getting off the medicine and got back into her routine, she not only felt better but she was walking again and using the bathroom on her own. She also got back to her healthy weight.

Tracey has danced with Many Celebrity Fitness Choreographers and worked with the best. She is now a Trainer and Dancer for Curobiks Fitness. Owner is Bryson Bernard aka Cupid Shuffle Multiplatinum National Recording Artist. In April she will be a National Presenter for the M.O.V.E. Convention to Certify and Provide Continued Education Classes for Fitness Professionals that require Career Education Credits/Units in order to maintain their Fitness License & valuable tips to bring to their clients/students.

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